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Aluminum alloy plates are mainly used in areas where?

Aluminum alloy application: ships

Ships making the most important feature is the use of the material you want to have a good performance, difficult to wear and corrosion characteristics of alloy aluminum is the best choice of material. Because aluminum alloy are mainly aluminum, has a good performance and not easy to damage, has a longer service life, to meet the shipping requirements.

Alloy aluminum applications: refrigerators

Fridge making the most important feature is to have a good seal. Refrigerator in use in the process, need to be refrigerated and fresh-keeping effects, using materials that meet both of these requirements, so aluminum alloy is the best choice. Because aluminum alloy seal performance is very good, can meet the production of refrigerators.

Aluminum alloy application: molds

Die a lot, but under normal circumstances, enterprises making tool will choose aluminum. As there are many advantages of aluminum and low density, easy to move production and alloy aluminum mold enterprise the preferred material.

Alloy aluminum applications: aerospace equipment

Aerospace equipment, materials used must have a good performance, not only under pressure or otherwise, must be able to work in a hostile environment, so aluminum alloy is the best choice. Because aluminum is incorruptible, even in harsh environments, also played its value.

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