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Aluminum manufacturer analysis on aluminum prices calculated?

Aluminium sheet classification there are several ways, common classification is according to the thickness, can be divided into thin 0.15-2.0, General Board (2.0-6.0mm), (6.0-25.0mm), thick (25-200mm), extra thick aluminum plate (200mm). Technically, aluminum refers to aluminum rolling process of the rectangular plate, can be divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, aluminium sheet, thick aluminum and patterned aluminum.

So, different thickness and different alloys of aluminum plate exactly how to price it, when we were in the market to buy aluminum sheet should be how to choose? Here to learn about aluminum prices of several basic steps:

1, first verify that the volume of aluminum demand, or specific data such as thickness, width and length. Calculation units in meters.

2 * the density of aluminum, aluminum volume (2.71), that is length * width thickness * *2.71, calculates the weight per piece of aluminum (tons), and then multiply the aluminum plate count, such as the 300, 500, the result is the total weight of this batch of aluminum.

3, to understand the current market price of aluminum ingot, aluminum mesh or the Shanghai Nonferrous network Web site to check the daily price changes. Contact aluminum manufacturers for inquiry, consult the relevant models of aluminum processing fee per ton is how many different alloys have different processing fees, varied greatly.

Day 4, aluminum ingot prices, coupled with the cost of processing the product of the enterprise, is the exact price of this model of aluminum per ton.

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