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Aluminum plate workpiece the need to rinse

Aluminum plate workpiece base cleaning thoroughly after washing. Washing the lye into the holes when fails to rinse eyes lye cylinder oxidized, which corrode perforations around the film. Aluminum sheet workpiece hole is surrounded by steep.

Aluminum very astringent when tapping screw hole, the operator often coated seat to lubricate, alkali lye lack emulsifier, Qiao is difficult to removed. Alkaline etching of aluminum ions accumulate too high a reader called and asked that caused the failure work difficult to obtain after alkali corrosion causes of conductive oxide films was made after conducting oxide film formation factors of exclusion, considering whether there is too much aluminum in alkaline liquid ions, other alkaline liquid is very thick. Alkali corrosion quickly.

Aluminum replacement alkaline etching solution, because after long time of alkaline fluid will accumulate too much aluminum, aluminum ions on the surface of workpiece is difficult to wash off, thus affecting the aluminum surface contact with the conductive oxide solution, thus affecting the formation of oxide film.

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