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Aluminum prices led to some phenomena and illusion is necessary to treat

Traditional high season, low season is now aluminum market concept of alienation. Past all thought of "gold four silver", "gold and nine silver cross" is the aluminum market demand season of the year, in fact, aluminum plate and excess production capacity now is basically no season at all. Best of example, is this year March, we peer of a company, think "gold three silver four" is traditional season, from aluminum board factory ordered has 10,000 tons of alloy aluminum Board, wants to store goods stay rose, Bo market, results, due to needs not Mong Kok, customer procurement volume reduced, aluminum Board price continuous fell, this company suddenly losses has 1.5016 billion yuan, boss are to crash has. In this connection, the season is not prosperous is the market of norm. Therefore, this year's "ten gold and nine silver" season will also be a newbie. Second, concentrated downstream demand, peak season is not necessarily in Mong Kok.

From all indications, the production and sale of the downstream aluminium industries is not prosperous, shrinking demand for aluminum, take for instance the project, under construction, new project number is very few compared with the previous year, coupled with the restrictions this year, demand really is one of the few remaining! Supply, demand, and alloy aluminum prices depressed real phenomena is now on the market. And for environmentally friendly production, these so-called authorities MOM double drop brings the good news can be referred to as illusion. We have to see clearly. Especially suppliers, must be done well.

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