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Aluminum sheet surface spots is what's going on?

In the factory or in the application process of aluminum plate, sometimes it will appear black, how did this happen? We study. First is the aluminum material, aluminum manufacturers aluminum superstructure is powered by 0.5mm LF21 thick aluminum plate processing. There are several models of aluminum plate with material, similar shape, with parts of the process, and during the same period and processing parts of similar shape this failure does not occur. And it is not material defects caused by failure. Is on the process, cover roughly the route of the Silver: machine parts-before treatment-zinc-electroplated zinc-plated copper-plated silver-paint-coated 823-storage.

Electroplating technology on aluminum plate, first of all, has the potential to be electroplated one production process has changed, thus causing the failure. But the survey found that in the case of any change in production conditions are not, similar parts processing this failure does not occur in the same period. Therefore, excluding electroplating production conditions change factors. Based on past experience, resulting in silver color-the most common reason for the effect of sulphur on silver plating.

In the past, when silver had occurred after the parts are not packaged and sealed in a timely manner, long rendered in electroplating plants and cause yellowing of silver plating. But after the failed parts silver, packaging and store in a dry container in a timely manner, showing that this was not under the influence of factory air. In the painting process, found atop the painting process, there have been reworking the entire batch records. The most important reason is that has not been blocked, paint mist entering, and attach to the surface of silver plating and cannot be cleaned. To prevent this type of problem from occurring, in the process, recommends that the gap is sealed with 3M tape to prevent paint mist into.

Through such methods, finding the root of the problem, we'll take measures to prevent problems from happening again, making aluminum surfaces look like new, factory rates increased substantially.

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