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The future of color coated board products and application

In the future, high-end construction market demand, with the 21st century, the development trend of steel structure, the demand for ultra-durable color coated panels increasingly widespread. Design Institute in the high-end architectural design specifications on the life of color coated plate to provide a specific period of time warranty, the new design concept and the application of new building materials become an inevitable trend. Especially in the future low-energy residential and green building industrialization, the new material design and application of the industry's focus. The global green building storm is blowing, China's building materials safety, environmental protection and energy saving requirements are more and more strict, building energy efficiency requirements are also increasing year by year (such as Beijing), the use of high- Regional energy efficiency will take the lead from the original 65% to 75%). The new color coated steel doors and windows with the traditional real steel doors and windows compared to steel doors and windows, with a light weight, high strength, large lighting area, dust, noise, insulation, fire, corrosion, colorful and diverse, handsome, Close performance and many other advantages, especially its social benefits are very significant.

China is actively promoting the passive housing, in order to ensure the building insulation energy saving effect, need to maximize the airtight structure of the envelope. According to the design of passive housing materials on the performance requirements of all exposed windowsill, balcony, parapet and other parts of the external insulation layer and the junction of reinforced concrete shear wall structure, the upper surface of the need to lay the durability and overall material to match the environmental Green sheet. At present, many representative of the wall insulation manufacturers are looking for corrosion-resistant weather resistance aging, 50 years warranty is not rust, to maintain a beautiful shape and use of new materials. From the material of the beautiful, easy processing and use of functional durability and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, ultra-durable color coating is undoubtedly the best choice. Caitu board doors and windows of the steel is only 10 ~ 12kg / m², while the old solid steel window is 22 ~ 25kg / m², 256A fasting steel doors for l6 ~ 18kg / m². The use of color coated panels doors and windows can save a lot of steel, reduce project costs, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the use of thickness 0.7 ~ 0.8mm color coated plate processing window frame, its strength, hardness, stiffness, resistance to deformation is better than steel and aluminum alloy profiles, can effectively control the deformation of the box, the effective protection of the building Airtightness at the same time, the thermal conductivity of the color coated plate is only 58.2 W / (mK), much lower than the aluminum alloy profiles, is conducive to the overall building insulation, and to prevent condensation. As the ultra-durable color coated steel plate corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, beautify the people's living environment, to extend the life of doors and windows frame products, reduce the building maintenance costs, economic and social benefits significantly.

Conclusion, the successful development and promotion and application of color coated board, not only improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and economic benefits, at the same time, energy saving and environmental protection, to extend the life of the building and Beautify the living environment, advocate green building concept has obvious social significance.

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