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Construction Technology of Steel Plate Roof

Color steel plate waterproof roof and ordinary coil waterproof roof compared to the color plate waterproof roof has a simple structure, convenient construction, appearance, easy maintenance and other aspects of the characteristics. And the color of the steel roof can be very good response to the north and other cold areas in winter and summer in two different seasons in the huge temperature difference, a serious temperature difference may lead to its construction roof material cracks, thus affecting the safety of the entire building itself. Therefore, the color steel roof in the north and other types of alpine areas and has been a very wide range of applications, and even some of the old buildings will be transformed into their own roof of the color steel roof. The following is mainly on the color steel roof construction technology in a comprehensive and detailed description.

1. measure the line

In the process of measuring the pay line, we must strictly abide by the specific requirements of the design, the steel purlins need to be installed directly marked on the location of the iron will need to be embedded in the processing, in order to ensure that the steel purlin The axis can be effectively parallel to the longitudinal axis of the building's own structure during the installation. In addition, it is necessary to measure the embedded iron on the roof sloping beam, and the longitudinal axis connection of the iron piece itself should be kept parallel to the longitudinal axis of the building, and for some parts that can not meet the requirements Pieces, you can take some measures to deal with it directly. The purpose of measuring the longitudinal axis of the embedded iron is mainly for the following two aspects: on the one hand to ensure that the measurement of the iron position of the iron can maintain its own correctness, while the other side will have to iron carry out testing. In addition, it is necessary to have a reasonable prevention solution for some of the problems that may arise in the process of embedding iron.

2. Steel purlin installation

The steel purlins are made of steel and wood. Normally, the steel purlins are laid directly on the embedded iron pieces of the roof concrete sloping beams, and the wood purlins can only be placed on the roof frame. During the actual installation of the steel purlins, the installation should be started from the ridge position of the whole structure, and the highest fixed point of the embedded iron on the inclined beam is taken as the elevation, and the elevation of the embedded iron is relatively low It is necessary to use the steel head plug to weld the cracks between the embedded iron and the steel purlins. In addition, the gable and the deformed seam between the building should also be pulled through the wire, Can have the degree of flatness to control. To ensure that the steel purlins in a plane, after welding the first steel purlins, the steel purlins should be pulled on the surface of a slope control line, the control line should be extended to the cornice, and with heavy objects fall thread, and then this line Baseline for other steel purlins for welding. In order to ensure that the color steel plate and steel purlins have sufficient contact surface, should be steel purlins on the upper surface and slope control line parallel.

3. Color steel roofing program

Color steel roofing program are:

(1) artificial upgrade. The advantages of this method is to facilitate the economy, but the labor intensity is greater, the use of more human, at the same time, the use of this method should be careful to avoid damage to the plate.

(2) hoist lift. This is often used in the construction of a method, the method can be flexible mobile devices, roof transport distance is short, and convenient economy, but the number of each upgrade is not much.

(3) tower crane, car lift lift. The method has the advantages that the method has the advantages of being able to lift the multi-plate, enhance the convenience and not damage the lifting plate at one time. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to walk on the roof and can not play the big tonnage Of the expertise, easy to damage the installed color plate, not easy to plate to the installation point, increasing the distance of the artificial handling of the roof.

(4) wire along the lifting method to enhance. The method is suitable for the promotion of special plate, the specific operation of the process is: in the gable at a number of wire, and in the wire on the casing, while the plate placed on the steel pipe, the first rope in the rope along the wire pulling steel pipe, The special plate raised to the roof, and then transported to the installation site plate.

4. Plate installation

Plate installation order: first from left to right, after the bottom up, in the installation process should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) the plate placed by the starting line of the plate, requiring the width of the plate covering the mark line, and in the direction of the length of the design of the length of the structure, fasten the fastening of the two ends of the plate, Two plates are installed. In addition, the degree of tightening of the self-tapping screws should be tightened.

(2) When installing the next release mark, the installation deviation should be reviewed. If it does not meet the design requirements, it should be adjusted within the next mark. If it can be adjusted within the wood mark, it should be adjusted. Fastening, in short, to meet the design requirements after the plate to a comprehensive tightening.

(3) according to the above method to install the scene composite sheet, and to ensure the continuous laying of insulation cotton, sandwich board in the installation, can not leave the gap, if there is still gaps in place, then filled with insulation material.

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