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The main purpose of metal roofing in buildings

Metal roofing is an important part of the building construction, its quality is not only related to the quality of the life of the building, but also directly affect the production activities and people's lives, thus preventing roof leakage and improve the roof insulation, thermal insulation effect Is the direction of development, roof roof shape common roof, roof slope roof and various shapes of curved roof. The structure supporting the load of the roof may be a structure such as a roof girder, a floor slab, a truss, a steel frame, or the like, and may also adopt a space structure such as a cylinder shell, a suspension cable and a grid.
The traditional Chinese architecture of the big roof is a symbol of China's architectural features, the current metal roof panels in the most widely used landscape architecture. The roof is the outermost cover that covers the roof of the building. It protects the house from being affected by nature such as wind, rain and sunlight. Roofing should be handled well in cold areas of the snow cold and heat insulation, ventilation and insulation in hot areas cooling, and make the roof waterproof and drainage. For roofs with special requirements such as roof garden, rooftop swimming pool and so on, the metal roofing board should pay more attention to meet its requirements during construction.
Metal roof structure layer includes rafters, good or girders, roof truss and so on. Most of the roof tiles in garden architecture use the traditional old-built green tile roof and glazed tile roof. Thermal insulation layer is the use of roofing and ceiling layer, according to the use of the area and the requirements of the ceiling above the roof tile roof, additional light fire-resistant materials, play a role in thermal insulation.

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