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Mechanical properties of galvanized steel coil

(1) the tensile test:

Index of galvanized steel sheet (unit: g/m2)

JISG3302 Z12 Z18 Z22 Z25, Z27 Z35 Z43 Z50 Z60

Galvanized weight 120 180 220 250 270 350 430 500 600

ASTMA525 A40, A60 G60, G90 G115, G140 G165, G185 G210

Galvanized weight 122 183 183 275 351 427 503 564 640

① performance indicator: generally speaking, the only structure, lashenyong and tensile properties of galvanized sheet deep drawing requirements. Structure made of galvanized sheet requires a yield point, tensile strength and elongation; stretching only elongation. Specific values, see the section "8" in the relevant product standards;

② methods: General test method for thin steel plate of the same, see "8" provided by relevant standards and "ordinary carbon steel sheet" listed in test method standards.

(2) bending test:

Bend test is a measure of major projects of technological properties of thin, but the requirements of national standards for a variety of galvanized sheet is not consistent, standards other than structure level of the United States, and the rest do not require bending and tensile tests. Japan subject to structural, architectural profiled sheeting and other than corrugated sheets and the remaining are required for bending test.

Requirements: General requirements for galvanized sheet 180, from lateral surface must not have zinc coating, substrate without cracking and breaking.

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