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Color steel basic parameters and profiles

Color steel plate is produced by special roller coating process with high weatherability, high corrosion resistance, high stamping, high natural color coated plate, it can be processed through mechanical equipment, punching, bending, crimping, rolling, Can be bonded, riveting, etc., after processing made of the ideal structural profiles and composite sheet, with strong applicability and decorative. The utility model overcomes the defects that the laminating film and the transfer pattern plate are easy to change color, delaminate and fall off and are not good to shape, which has the advantages of saving time and labor, low manufacturing cost, not fading, anti-aging, fire prevention and rain prevention. Its economy is recyclable and renewable, making people's living environment beautiful and green.

Substrate standards:
(1) galvanized sheet (2) cold-rolled sheet (3) galvanized sheet
Product Standards:
(1) GB GB -12754-2006 production and testing (2) custom-made customers
Product Specifications:
(1) width of 1250mm or less; (2) plate thickness of 0.18-1.0, aluminum plate thickness of 0.2 ~ 1.0mm.
The front of the board is the use of advanced international technology for processing. The back is coated with a back coat of paint.
Topcoat coating with high temperature and weathering ink, topcoat transparent coating can optimize the visual effect of the product surface, and play a role in protecting the pattern.
Topcoat coating can also be used special performance coatings, but also to make the coating to meet a variety of special requirements,
Such as: self-cleaning anti-pollution, high temperature resistance, self-extinguishing, sterilization, non-stick snow, fingerprint resistance and self-lubricating, anti-ultraviolet.

Precautions for use
(1) For use in punching, trimming, the exposed cross-section to be taken to make plans to prevent rust to prevent corrosion. The company is located in:

(2) The use of rolling equipment for processing should avoid sharp bumps, excessive stamping, extension and so on. The company is located in:

(3) The site should be expected to open, handling should avoid collision, folding, mutual friction to avoid damage to the surface. After testing by the relevant authorities, the performance of our products have reached the relevant national standards.

Product Usage
Printed steel not only has the performance and advantages of ordinary color coated, but also greatly make up for the lack of color monotonous ordinary color coated with a variety of surface effects and colors, according to the pattern can be divided into wood, marble, granite pattern, Bricks, imitation stainless steel brushed lines, camouflage and other products are currently being developed: sheepskin pattern, orange peel pattern, refrigerator pattern, bump patterns. Wide range of products suitable for:
Construction: inside and outside the wall, the roof, partition, ceiling, the first door, plant wall panels, kiosks, garages, ventilation ducts.
Furniture: wardrobe, dining table, chairs, coffee table, changing clothes boxes, file boxes, shelves, office cabinets and so on.
Doors: Rolling shutters, security doors, garage doors, interior doors, door frames, window frames and more.
Transportation: car interior panels, car partitions and interior trim panels, ship compartment and interior trim panels.
Appliances: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, fans, lamps, solar water heaters, electric water heaters and so on.

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