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The three trick solving uneven color aluminum oxide film

What causes uneven color of aluminum oxide film it? Specifically is the following three major problems:

(1) aluminum workpiece size too large, operation swing in the Groove is too large, the edges and the Center spot and the solution of contact, large updates, exchange differences, leading film color inconsistencies. Preventive measures: aluminum oxide workpiece swing when a small, static can be, but when the temperature is too low, easy to map-like spots, appear unnatural.

(2) covered aluminum plate and aluminum processing part of the package was destroyed, was cut off, aluminum outer Pack are the high quality aluminum, enclosed aluminum inner layer of hybrid, two aluminum difference, so the oxidation occurs after "Vitiligo" spots. Customers tend not to understand this phenomenon, manufacturers should do more to explain the work, explain why and how, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

(3) aluminum oxidation process operational considerations

① parts alkaline etching process is not complete, original film, at the local dirt could not be removed;

② alkali corrosion not light immediately after treatment, the surface is alkaline;

③ workpiece contact with foreign bodies in the transfer process.

When the event of uneven coating color to find many reasons and take steps to address them.

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