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Wholesale aluminum wastes recovered for use

With the increasing cost of aluminum production, aluminum profits only 10%-20%, the aluminum manufacturer to bring a lot of pressure. It is understood that the aluminum manufacturer, is now more than 3.6 million tons of annual production of aluminum scrap, aluminum scrap estimate tens of tons of annual production in the country, and how these wastes recycling, aluminium sheet manufacturers to complete the urgent needs for sustainable development.

In recent years, many aluminum manufacturers stepped up scientific research projects such as recycling not recycling capital, reducing pollutants at source, and achieved gratifying results. Various bricks has been damaged as a result of material used, various types of aluminum sludge slag began in wholesale ceramic tile applied to body formulation.

In the way of savings in capital, in addition to wholesale aluminum waste recovery use, using lower-grade aluminum wholesale produced material is also an important technique for savings in capital. Wholesale occupations on aluminum plate, save capital that is to save material, while the body was aluminum plate total wholesale ceramic tile material: 93%, so, over the years, many career experts raised aluminum wholesale ceramic tile thinner and produced using lower-grade materials that claim.

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