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Aluminum Demand

Supply aluminum Board material five big field production excess-supply aluminum Board material ceramic aluminum Board punching aluminum Board aluminum ceiling network strong aluminum Board carved aluminum Board shaped w Luo Board aluminum Board material, products five big field capacity excess analysis "from 100 million tons began, to now 800 million tons has, also in said capacity excess", China Steel Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General in bear China investment interview Shi said. CISA was released at China's steel production capacity has reached 800 million tons, but in practice the compliance capacity as long as 400 million tons of steel, there are 400 million tons of capacity without State approval.

Since 1999, was put on the hat of overcapacity since the steel industry production capacity increasing from time to time expansion as your requirements increase. Demand forecasting based on capacity expansion in the steel industry in the land continued serious planning, however, due to demand break planning capacity and market capacity also often break the country planning. As the 2009 year State steel property adjustment and ZTE in the planning of 430 million tons forecast in the past China's crude steel consumption, but in the past practice of spending up to 570 million tons. CISA estimated crude steel consumption will reach 680 million tons, steel capacity of the country was agreed as long as 400 million tons, breaches were 400 million tons of capacity in the market will demand compensation gap.

In fact, aluminum material in nearly 10 years in Government micro-regulation, Chinese industries such as steel, cement, non-ferrous metals industry continues to be defined as a "overcapacity", and is intended for relatively serious sites, all types of property policies such as taxation, project approval.

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