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Aluminum Extrusion Surface From The Skin Blistering Do?

In the extrusion process of aluminum plate, easy peeling or bubbles on the surface will appear, what has caused it? The ways to eliminate them? Consists of an aluminum plate suppliers now rejection FAQ for you!

What is the bubble or peel: in convex surface appear bubbles, common in the head, the tail, full of bubbles, have broken up.

First, reason for air bubbles, peeling of aluminum extrusion

1. the container, squeeze pad wear tolerance, squeeze the tube and pusher pad size mismatch, use gasket diameter difference exceeds the allowed value;

2. in extruded tube and pusher pad is too dirty, viscous oil, water and graphite;

3. the lubricating oil containing water;

4. too many shovel ingot surface trough, too deep, or ingot surface porous, trachoma, porous, oil and other organizations;

5. replace alloys, cylinder is not clean;

6. the extruding temperature and temperature of extrusion ingots;

7. the casting temperature, size exceeds the allowable tolerance;

8. casting long, filled too quickly, casting temperature, non drum fill, vent fully in the cylinder, or improper operation, exhausting process was not executed;

9. mold hole design is not reasonable, or salvage cut properly, shunt salvage is part of the hole and diversion holes, voids when the extrusion of gas into the surface.

Second, aluminum extrusion method of eliminating air bubbles, peeling

1. the design container and fitting dimensions of extruded gaskets, always check the tool size to ensure that they meet requirements, container big belly to be repaired in a timely manner, squeeze pad not the variance;

2. Tools, ingot surface is clean, smooth and dry;

3. replace the alloy, thoroughly tube;

4. always check the equipment and instruments to prevent the temperature is too high, too fast;

5. strictly adhere to procedures and systems;

6. Design, manufacturing tooling, diversion and streaming holes designed to be within 1 °-3 °-angle;

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