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Silicon Carbide has corrosive effect. Although most will outweigh high silicon aluminum alloy aluminum alloy called 12%Si, recommended the use of diamond tools, but this is not absolute, and Silicon content increased the destructive power of the tool is also gradually increasing. Some manufacturers in the Silicon content of more than 8% is recommended when using the diamond tool.

Silicon content in aluminum alloy is a transition zone between 8%-12%, you can use either an ordinary carbide and diamond tools can also be used. But the use of cemented carbide using PVD (physical layer) method, do not contain aluminum, thickness smaller tool. Because PVD methods and small thickness tool possible to maintain a sharp cutting edge (or to avoid abnormal at the edge of the film edge needs to be sufficient passivation, aluminum will be sharp enough), and coating material containing aluminum may cause the blade film layer affinity with the workpiece material and damaged film and tools matrix combination. For superhard coatings for aluminum, nitrogen, titanium compounds of all three, and may vary depending on cemented carbide substrate with coating flakes a little flaking caused by tipping.

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