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Into The World Of Aluminum You Must Understand These

Being a novice into the spot aluminum market, needs to have the knowledge and ability? Aluminum manufacturers for all novice compiled some spot aluminum price factors, hoped has the help to everybody.

When the aluminum market supply and demand is in balance, aluminum prices in a narrow range when an imbalance of supply and demand, prices will fluctuate.

On the market, reflecting inventory is an important indicator of supply and demand. Inventory inventory is divided into reports and non-reporting inventory, reporting inventory, also known as "explicit inventory" is regularly publish their designated delivery warehouses of the Futures Exchange aluminum stockpiles. Report inventory mainly refers to the world of producers, traders and consumers holding a number of aluminum, because these inventory statistics and release of non-specialized, so these stocks are also known as "hidden inventory." Society will lead to a growing demand for aluminum plate aluminum reported inventories fell, and vice versa.

Due to the rapid growth of domestic production capacity of aluminum ingot, making tight domestic supply of aluminum plate on the one hand, on the other hand the macroeconomic environment determines the demand for aluminum there cannot be rapid growth in recent years, which to some extent is more conducive to boosting domestic export of aluminum ingots. However, the domestic aluminum ingot production costs of energy consumption, high, restricting the development of aluminum industry in China and, therefore, still has to import a certain quantity of aluminum each year to meet domestic demand, and China's import and export of aluminium tariff adjustments will affect domestic prices.

International mainstream of aluminum sheet transactions are denominated in dollars, as one of the main export commodities, trade price effects of exchange rate movements on both sides.

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