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Roof Board Brief

Roof panel is directly under the roof load plate. The roof of the House, the general use of Al-mg-MN alloy and other metals.

Roofing materials available are:

Available materials (Available Materials):

0.426/0.478/0.55 mm in the thickness of the substrate of high strength galvanized steel or aluminum zinc color plated steel Al alloy Al-mg-MN alloy, stainless steel, zinc, copper, titanium (titanium and zinc), sheet metal, such as copper, titanium plates.

For example:

"Multi-functional wing cover sewing box-roof" after use on the roof of the House, so that the roof does not leak and have cold insulation effect. The roof the roof unit box in the top downhill set wing. Within the roof panel made a single hole or in a porous cavity the cavity liner and insulation or cavity to improve the roof cold insulating properties. House Panel at the top of the gable on inclined beams assembled, lapped covering the wing enables multiple single box-roof light vertical seams do not appear to form a whole good roof.

Al-mg-MN roof panel is a highly cost-effective roof and exterior wall materials. Application of aluminium alloys are used widely in the building industry, modern architecture and comfortable, lightweight, durable, economic, environmental and development plays an important role.

AA3004 Al-mg-MN alloy (AlMg1Mn1) due to the structure of moderate strength, weather resistance, resistance to stains, easy bending soldering and other advantages, is widely recognized as an architectural design service life of 50 years of roofing, exterior wall materials in response to oceanic architectural design, corrosion resistance can be selected more 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy.

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