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Roof Mounting Method

Installing this utility model relates to the roof boards with hardware and using this installation the roof boards with hardware mounting.

Background technology as Figure 5A figure 5C by shows, for example will in cover Board 52 of following side has has rafters 53 of roof Board 51 installation Yu by with edge slot-like steel constitute of roofing truss article 54 o'clock following for as the figure 5A by shows, using makes l-like hanging hardware pieces 55 can turned to armature with 56lai has in rafters 53 of side Department of roof Board 51, will the roof Board 51 of rafters 53 set Yu roofing blesses 1 article 54 Shang, with hammer 57 beat hanging hardware pieces 55, as the figure 5B by not, In roof blesses 1 54 54A of the upper edge of the front side forcing embed hooks 55A, as not the 5C, securing the suspension hardware 55 to 58 rotate block. However, relatively roof truss in the rafters of the roof boards 51 53 54 more orthogonal, but four-slope roof, and so on, in the Ridge section of roof rafters and sometimes relatively roof truss with non-orthogonal intersection, there are difficult to use as the rotating hanging hardware issues such as 55.

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