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The General Definition Of Aluminum

Aluminium plates are usually in the following two points:

1. According to the alloy composition is divided into:

High-purity aluminum (formed by the content of 99.9 per cent of high-purity aluminum rolling)

Aluminium plate (composition made of pure aluminum rolling from)

Aluminum alloy (aluminum and secondary alloy composition, usually have aluminum-copper, aluminum-manganese, Aluminum-silicon, and aluminum-magnesium, series)

Aluminum composite panel or welding plate (through a variety of means of materials of special-purpose aluminium material)

Aluminum-clad aluminum (aluminium coated aluminium sheet used for special purposes outside)

2. thickness can be divided into: (in mm)

Sheet metal (aluminum sheet) 0.15-2.0

Conventional plates (aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0

Plate (aluminum plate) 6.0-25.0

Plate (aluminum plate) 25-200

Extra thick plate more than 200

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